On Sunday, January 17, 2016, with the President Kim Daeninck, Vice President – Laurie Keith, Treasurer – Brigitte Hunter, and Secretary – Stephanie Subtelny present, the meeting was called to order.

Notice of the meeting having been provided to all Members in accordance with the By-Laws and a quorum of Members being present in person, the meeting was declared properly constituted for the transaction of business and the President, Kim Daeninck, welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Executive.

Welcome everyone to our AGM.

Thank you to Laurie for organizing our AGM, once again you’ve done a great job in organizing this event. We also welcome our new members to AIM.

I’d like to thank all members of the AIM executive for their hard work and dedication over this past year. This group of people put in many hours to ensure that AIM runs smoothly. It is a pleasure to serve with such a great group of people.

Thank you to our Trial Committee who hosted five successful trials during 2015. Great job ladies, we appreciate the many hours that you contribute to planning and organizing our trials and we look forward to the 2016 trial season.

Also, thank you to our Nominating Committee, Dawn and Marsha, you ladies did a terrific job.

Next, Stephanie will read the 2015 AGM Minutes.


Motion was made by the Secretary, Stephanie Subtelny, to waive the reading of the 2015 Minutes.

On motion by Stephanie Subtelny and seconded by Lu Derkson.
IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the reading of the 2015 Minutes be waived.

Carried Unanimously


1. PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Kim Daeninck

President’s Report:

Here is a brief recap of what AIM did during the course of the past year:

• We hosted 5 trials and two education seminars.
• We added some new materials to our Library for our members to enjoy.
• We supported MAL by the lending them our E-timers.
• We supported the AAC Regional and National events.
• We ensured that our equipment is in top shape and upgraded as necessary.
• We did two demos at the Red River Ex and had a few more requests for demos, but unfortunately the events were held on trial weekends.

What’s to come in 2016:

• We hosted yet another successful seminar with Tracy Sklenar in early January.
• We will host four trials.
• We will donate our usual $100 for the Just Squeeked By award at the AAC Regional event.
• We have committed the use of our E-timers to MAL to support their efforts in the fun-filled agility events.
• We have earmarked money for equipment purchases and upgrades and to add to our library.
• We will continue to look for ways to promote our sport in our province. If anyone has any ideas on how to promote our sport we would love to hear from you.


Next up on our agenda are the reports from the following areas


• Membership Report – Terry
• Education Report – Brigitte
• Newsletter Report – Laurel
• Library Report – Lois
• Trial Coordinator Report – Brigitte
• Website Report – Joan
• Fundraising & Promotions Report – Iris
• Equipment Report – Shannon
• Treasurer Report – Brigitte
• Elections of Executive positions – President, Secretary, Trial Coordinator & Equipment Manager – Dawn & Marsha
• Discussion on Promotional Wear – Iris

2. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Terry Lambert

Presently 75 existing members consisting of:
• 68 individual memberships
• 7 (x2) family memberships

This past year we have welcome 5 new members.

They are:

Jodie Hughes November, 2014

Bobbie Porteous November, 2014

Janice Chase February, 2015

Janice McCarthy March, 2015

Tammy Hanstead April, 2015


Income from Memberships for 2015 is:

7 X $30.00 = $ 210.00
67 X $20.00 = 1,360.00



3. EDUCATION REPORT – Brigitte Hunter

We had 2 seminars, Tracy Sklenar and thanks to Glenda we had a Christine Zinc seminar.

We made a slight profit in 2015.

We lost $315 this year for the Tracy Sklenar seminar due to the dropping dollar.

We keep bringing Tracy back as our members like her and her seminars continue to fill and are successful. Brigitte welcomes any suggestions for more seminars that other members would like to pursue.

Debbie – asked if we can have another seminar each year that is different than Tracy’s like the Kris Zink seminar.

Kim – We welcome the opportunity for ideas for seminars. Brigitte will not take it on as she is already taking on the 2 seminars per year with Tracy, but will mentor anyone that would like to take on organizing a seminar.


4. NEWSLETTER REPORT – Laurel Neufeld

Laurel sent her regrets as she was unable to attend.
Newsletter Report read by Kim on behalf of Laurel.

3 Newsletters produced in 2015.

Goal to also produce 3 newsletters in 2016.

Income $30.00
Expenses .00

Laurel is willing to stay on for the Newsletter, but not indefinitely. She is willing to mentor someone if they would be interested.


5. LIBRARY REPORT – Lois Melville

Borrowing was down considerably from the previous four years. I will ensure the membership receives the complete library listing two to three times a year in 2016 through the newsletter and/or a direct mailing as well as including it on the website.

I was able to take the library to trials in 2014 and that seemed to gather interest. It appears that promotion is what I need to work on. I feel there are many good resources already in the library that haven’t widely been used the last several years. No new titles were ordered in 2015. Shortly I will request member ideas for books/DVDs for ordering and ask if they have suitable items they would like to donate to our library.

2014 2015
Loans: 35 18
Titles Borrowed: 27/57 17/64
Borrowing Members: 16/82 7/80


Brigitte mentioned that there were some expenses that came from the library budget this past year:
Expenses: $250 (for Kris Zink books and CDs from when she came for her seminar presentation)



Thanks to last year’s trial committee for their great work.

In 2016 we are having 1 NADAC, 1 USDAA and 2 AAC trials.

Brigitte read and explained the following reports (attached):
• Trial income and expenses – 2015
• Trial income and expenses budget for 2016


7. WEBSITE REPORT – Joan Morgan

Since I have been looking after the website we have had a few issues.

We have had 2 attacks of viruses and malware which put us down for several weeks each time.
Since then we have purchased security software to protect the site and have used a service supplied by the host server to clean up the site in the event that some hacker gets past the security software.
The annual cost of these 2 services is $75.00 and $130.00 US respectively.

The website is AIM’s face to the public and as such is being used to answer questions and contribute to the advancement of agility in Manitoba

However I feel that the website should also serve the membership more directly.
The list of AIM’s events for the current year is posted, but I will also be posting a list of all agility events in Manitoba as a service to the membership.
I would also like to start a page for general announcements that any member wants to have circulated to the membership at large.
I want to encourage the membership to use the website

Also, please submit any pictures you have.
Any awards that have been achieved (ATChC, etc.) submit the JPG pictures and they will be posted on the Champions page.
For those pets that have passed, we have a memorial page. Members may submit favourite pictures and a few words in memory.


Any suggestions or questions please feel free to contact me.

Joan Morgan


Bev Benson will send Joan a listing of trials to add to the website.

Discussion of why the job descriptions are only accessible via password protection. Kim stated that we will remove the job descriptions and the trial premiums from the website password protected area and move to the regular part of the website. The private information for AIM such as the financial reports including the AIM AGM minutes will remain password protected since it contains financial reports.




National Fundraising – 2015

AIM was asked to do two demos at the Red River Ex. The weather was very cold and raining, and the turnout of members was poor, but the dogs that were there had fun and so did their owners. We didn’t receive any money for doing this. I did hand out AIM brochures.

I held a Pancake Breakfast in June which was very successful taking in $1220.00.

As no one attended Nationals in 2014 the amount of $556.56 was carried over. I did a 50/50 draw at the CARS trial in March and our share was $130.00. We received $1,073.50 from COKC Regionals. 2015 fundraising totalled $3,130.45.

5 people attended the Nationals in 2015 so I disbursed the amount of $620.00 to each person for a total of $3100.00 which left $30.45 in the Fund for 2016.

Michelle Thompson was unable to go to the Nationals so she returned her cheque and in October MAL sent me a cheque for $75.00. As of today there is $725.70 in the Fund.


Michelle mentioned that she will assist Iris with fundraising efforts.

Discussion about Nationals fund and fundraising and if there should be a cap on how much each person gets. It was determined that AIM has no control over the Nationals Fund since it’s separate from AIM and others besides AIM donate and raise funds for it. AIM basically makes a donation towards the fund to support representation of Manitobans at the Nationals.


9. EQUIPMENT REPORT – Shannon Rhude

Shannon mentioned that we have a new sound system and isn’t sure how much to charge for it if we let AIM members rent it for seminar purposes.

It was determined by the membership that it would be fair to charge $25 for the weekend for rental to AIM membership.

• Equipment report regarding the Income and Expenses and the Budget for 2016.

2015 – Agility In Manitoba – Equipment Income/Expenses


E-Timer Rentals
E-Timer Rental – Hi Flyers – Feb 28, Mar 1 $ 50.00
E-Timer Rental – CARS – Mar 21-22 $ 50.00
E-Timer Rental – Hi Flyers – May 2-3 $ 50.00
E-Timer Rental – COKC – May 16-17 $ 50.00
E-Timer Rental – COKC – Jun 20 $ 25.00
E-Timer Rental – Hi Flyers – Jul 11-12 $ 50.00
E-Timer Rental – MCA – Aug 15-16 $ 50.00
E-Timer Rental – Hi Flyers – Sep 5 $ 25.00
E-Timer Rental – COKC – Sep 19-20 $ 50.00
E-Timer Rental – Agi-Tracks – Oct 11-12 $ 50.00
E-Timer Rental – CARS – Nov 14-15 $ 50.00
Total Income $ 500.00

Equipment Rental
MCA Aug 15-16 $ 50.00
Total Income $ 50.00 

Net Income $ 550.00


Electronic Timers
Batteries $ 44.95
Timer Console Repair $ 17.45
Total Expenses $ 62.40

Equipment Trailer
Repairs and Maintenance – Brakes and Vent Caulking $ 152.55
Total Expenses $ 152.55

Flashlights x 3 $ 22.02
Total Expenses $ 22.02

First Aid Kit
Liquid Allergy Formula – Liquid $ 6.04
Total Expenses $ 6.04

New Computer and Case $ 873.44
New Computer Software $ 236.25
Total Expenses $ 1,109.69

Ring Number Cones – 10 $ 14.13
Ring Numbers and Gamble Cone Decals – 4 x13, 1 x 4 $ 39.55
Paint for Gamble Tape Holders $ 7.59
Landscaping Rakes x 2 $ 135.58
Straw Broom, Gamble Tape $ 24.68
Debbie Denbow Supplies $ 208.01
Total Expenses $ 429.54


Judges Chairs – 2 $ 79.08
Repairs and Maintenance – Wagon Tire Tube and Bolts $ 20.39
Aluminum Winged Jumps – 4 – From Hill Agility Equipment $ 1,204.35
Total Expenses $ 1,303.82


Equipment Trailer Storage Fee $ 200.00
Total Expenses $ 200.00

Net Expenses $ 3,286.06


Net Income $ 550.00
Net Expenses $ 3,286.06
Net (Net Income – Net Expenses) $ (1,531.71)

Net -$ 1,531.71


Agility In Manitoba Equipment Budget 2016

AAC Broad Jump $ 200.00
Repairs and Maintenance $ 500.00
Unexpected Replacement $ 1,000.00

Equipment Accessories
Weave Pole Screws – 25 Stainless Steel
(No Cost – Glen Miller Donation)

Equipment Trailer Storage Fee $ 200.00 

Net Expenses $ 4,934.00


Net Income $ 325.00
Net Expenses $ 4,934.00
Net (Income – Expenses) -$ 4,609.00 

Net -$4,609.00


10. TREASURER’S REPORT AND 2016 BUDGET – Brigitte Hunter
2015 Trial Income and Expense Report as well as the Budget for 2016
January 01.2015 to December 31.2015


Previous Bank Balance: October 31.2014 $ 24,294.65 CA
$ 2,588.41 US

Total Can and US Funds 26,883.06

New Bank Balance: December 31.2015 $ 27,259.50 Canadian
$ 808.68 US


Total Can and US Funds $ 28,068.18


Education (Tracy – Seminar) $ 6,900.00
(Kris Zink –Seminar) $ 9,450.00
Equipment $ 550.00
Fundraising/PR $ 00.00
Membership $ 1,570.00
Newsletter $ 30.00
AGM $ 19.91
Trials $ 22,876.66

TOTAL INCOME $ 41.396.57



Bank Charges $ 99.10
Executive Stamps + Copies AGM $ 53.32
Others – Pizza for Trial Committee Meeting $ 116.29
Education (AIM- Seminar) $ 6,128.05
( Chris Zink-Seminar) $ 7,067.70
Education (Library) $ 202.40
Equipment $ 3,286.06
Fundraising/PR $ 0
Website $ 453.98
AGM $ 678.35
Insurance $ 758.24
Donations/Awards $ 1,300.00
Trials $ 19,457.20

TOTAL EXPENSES $ 39,600.69

NET GAIN/LOSS: $ 1,795.88

Note: Ribbon and Award Expenses for the year were $ 1,238.13
$1,533.35 was reflected in the 2015 Trial Statements under Expenses.

Prepared: January 2016 By: Brigitte Hunter

Education $ 7,000.00
Equipment $ 425.00
Public Relations/Fundraising $ 0.00
Membership $ 1,500.00
Newsletter $ 20.00
Show/Trial $ 18,500.00

TOTAL INCOME $ 27,445.00



Executive Expenses: $ 50.00
Bank charges $ 100.00
Education (Seminar) $ 7,000.00
Education (Library) $ 250.00
Website $ 300.00
Equipment $ 5,000.00
Public Relations $ 200.00
Insurance $ 750.00
AGM $ 750.00
Nationals ?
Regionals 100.00 $ 100.00
Ribbons and Awards $ 800.00
Show/trial $ 15,500.00

TOTAL EXPENSES $ 30,800.00

Net Gain/Loss $ (3,355.00)

Stephanie Subtelny made motion to accept Treasurer’s report (2015 Income and Expenses) and Kim Daeninck seconded the motion. Debbie Denbow made motion to accept 2016 Budget with the amendments and Iris Shrimpton seconded the motion. Everyone has voted and agreed to accept the report and 2016 budget.

Carried Unanimously

11. ELECTIONS – Dawn Peters and Marsha Katz

The positions up for election are President, Secretary, Trial Coordinator and Equipment Manager (2 year position – re-election in 2 years)
• President – Kim Daeninck – Letting name stand. No other nominations. Kim Daeninck is elected as President.
• Secretary – Stephanie Subtelny – Letting name stand. No other nominations. Stephanie Subtelny is elected as Secretary.
• Brigitte Hunter – Trial Coordinator – Letting name stand. No other nominations. Brigitte Hunter is elected as Trial Coordinator.
• Shannon Rhude – Equipment Manager – Letting name stand. No other nominations. Shannon Rhude is elected as Equipment Manager.

12. AIM PROMOTIONAL WEAR – Iris Shrimpton
• Discussion on Promotional Wear – Iris

Iris – She first wanted to address concerns about fund-raising. Is it for AIM or for the National the National fund.

Kim – We’ll vote – all in favour of the funds that come in from fund-raising as income and go out to the National Fund as expenses.

Iris – Found a person that lives in Winnipeg Beach (Harbour Engraving),that makes mugs, t-shirts, clip-boards and mouse pads. You can have your dog on the back of the shirt (personalized) and the AIM logo on the front. If there is interest, Iris will contact them to make items and charge members a bit more than cost to raise money – and it will also help promote AIM as a club. There was interest and Iris will obtain more information and let the membership know what she finds out about costs, etc.

Glenda – Are we going to do the Applebee’s breakfast again? She felt that was a fun and successful event.

Iris asked if there was interest, the membership expressed interest, and Iris will pursue that initiative.

Michelle Thompson said she would help Iris with fund-raising.



Any Additional New business?

No new business.

Motion to Adjourn by Kim Daeninck and seconded by Lorraine Lorenz.
IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the meeting was adjourned at 12:38 PM.