HELD AT THE Bronx Park Community Centre

Creative Arts Room, 720 Henderson Hwy




On Saturday, February 24, 2018, with President Kim Daeninck, Vice President – Laurie Keith, Treasurer – Lisa Blatter, and Secretary – Stephanie Subtelny present, the meeting was called to order at 12:10 PM.


Notice of the meeting having been provided to all Members in accordance with the By-Laws and a quorum of Members being present in person, the meeting was declared properly constituted for the transaction of business and the President, Kim Daeninck, welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Executive.

Welcome to everyone to our AGM.

Thank you to Laurie for organizing our AGM, once again you’ve done a terrific job in organizing this event.

I’d like to thank all members of the AIM executive for their hard work and dedication over this past year. This group of people put in many hours to ensure that AIM runs smoothly. It is a pleasure to serve with such a great group of people.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Stephanie who is leaving the Secretary position. Stephanie had devoted many years of dedicated service to AIM and deserves a well-earned break. I would also like to thank the balance of the executive group who are continuing in their roles and those who are letting their names stand for the positions they currently hold.

Thank you to our Trial Committee who hosted our successful trials during 2017. Great job to all, we appreciate the countless hours that you contribute to planning and organizing our trials and we look forward to the 2018 trial season.

Also, thank you to our Nominating Committee, Dawn and Pat, you ladies did a terrific job.

Next, Stephanie will read the 2017 AGM Minutes.

Motion was made by the Secretary, Stephanie Subtelny, to waive the reading of the 2017 Minutes.

On motion by Stephanie Subtelny and seconded by Craig Peters.

IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the reading of the 2017 Minutes be waived.


Carried Unanimously


 1. PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Kim Daeninck


Here is a brief recap of what AIM did during the course of the past year:

  • We hosted the AAC, NADAC and USDAA trials and our education seminar.
  • We supported MAL by the lending them our E-timers.
  • We supported the AAC Regional and National events.
  • We ensured that our equipment is in top shape and upgraded as necessary.
  • We did put on a demo at The Forks this past year, we also received a number of requests, but they conflicted with our trials.


What’s to come in 2018:

  • We hosted another successful seminar with Rebecca MacKay in early January. Rebecca provided an excellent seminar and was very well received by the all participants.
  • We will host the AAC, NADAC and USDAA trials.
  • We will support Michelle Thompson’s AAC Regional event by lending our equipment and E-timers, donate our usual $100 for the Just Squeeked By award, provide a volunteer award and provide a competitor award at the AAC Regional event. We will also support the AAC Nationals when they contact us.
  • We have committed the use of our E-timers to MAL to support their efforts in the fun-filled agility events.
  • We have earmarked money for equipment purchases and upgrades.
  • We will continue to look for ways to promote our sport in our province. If anyone has any ideas on how to promote agility we would love to hear from you.

Next up on our agenda are the reports from the following areas


  • Welcome – Kim
  • Presidents Message – Kim
  • Membership Report – Terry
  • Education Report – Brigitte
  • Newsletter Report – Glenda
  • Library Report – Stephanie
  • Trial Coordinator Report – Brigitte
  • Website Report – Joan
  • Fundraising & Promotions Report – Iris
  • Equipment Report – Shannon
  • Treasurer Report – Lisa
  • Elections of Executive positions – President, Secretary, Trial Coordinator, Equipment Manager – Dawn & Pat
  • AIM Wear – Iris
  • Any New Business


2. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Terry Lambert

In 2017 we had 71 existing members consisting of:

(7) Family memberships and (64) Single memberships.

In 2017 we have welcomed two new members.

Welcome to:                                                          JOINED

Jackie Sage                                                         December, 2016
Sarah Bordier-Kaye                                             April, 2017

Income from Memberships for 2016 is:

7 X $30.00   =                                                     $   210.00
64X $20.00   =                                                    $ 1,280.00

TOTAL INCOME FROM MEMBERSHIP:                                          $1,490.00

Submitted by T. Lambert


3. EDUCATION REPORT – Brigitte Hunter

Rebecca McKay came in January 2018 at Agil-Tracks

All the working spots were filled.

Profit of $2700 for the seminar since she had a cheap flight within Canada and stayed at Brigitte’s place which also reduced costs.


Rebecca McKay coming again for January 5, 6 and 7th of 2018 and will be hosted at Agil-tracks.

AIM Seminar – Financial Statement

AIM Seminar Financial statement


Submitted by: Brigitte Hunter

AIM – Education Chair




Newsletters produced in 2017: 1

Goal to also produce 3 newsletters in 2018.

Income $ 0.00
Expenses $0.00

Glenda sent out invites from the new AIM Facebook page. All posts will go through Glenda first before they are posted to the page. If you don’t want to join the AIM Facebook page, then you can go to the page and uninvite yourself.

Glenda will be maintaining the AIM Yahoo and continuing with the Newsletter.

Steph offered to help to be an administrator.


5. LIBRARY REPORT – Stephanie Subtelny

Loans: 15

Titles Borrowed: 11

Borrowing Members: 6

Crate Games and 2×2 weaves are the two most popular titles. There is a glitch in the 2×2 weaves DVD. I propose we re-purchase DVD as it is very popular.


Titles Borrowed:

2×2 weaves – 3
Crate Games – 3
Foundation Training in Agility – 1
In Focus – Foundation work – 1
Foundation Fun – 1
World Class Weaves – 1
Dream Weaves – 1
Training with Running Contacts – 1
Success with One Jump – 1
Foundation Jumping -1
Teaching Directionals – Left, Right & Turn -1

To increase the lending rate, I will be bringing the AIM Library to the AIM Trials this year.

Also, l took a picture of each DVD title in the library. I will send the file to Joan so it can be added to the website. This may increase the borrowing rate.


Thanks to last year’s trial committee for their great work.
In 2017 we had 1 NADAC, 1 USDAA and 2 AAC trials.
Will once again do a NADAC trial. Lost some money, but we will look at it again to see how it goes this year.
There was a profit of $850 from the trials.

Total Trial Income and Expenses 2017

Trial report 2018

Submitted by Brigitte Hunter

Trial Chair



7. WEBSITE REPORT – Joan Morgan


Website report for 2017

Website Backup Storage                 $35.88
SiteLock Basic                                $35.88
Ca Sucri Website Protection         $208.00
Domain registration                        $15.74
Envira Gallery                                 $24.46
Wordfence Protection                     $49.73

Total                                             $369.69


Some Statistics:

For January 2018

390 visits of which 189 were unique

Those staying on the site 5-15 minutes       31
15-30 minutes     36
30-60 minutes     34
Greater than 60 minutes     83

The past year was uneventful as far as the website was concerned (i.e.: we were not hacked).
If anyone has any recommendations to improve the website please let me know.

Submitted by

Joan Morgan





In August we did a demo at the Forks, in which 13 people took part. We were paid $400.00 which AIM donated to the AAC Manitoba National Fund.
For the past 6 or 7 months I have been working on clothing for AIM which is now ready to go. Samples are at the back of the room.
I want to thank the Executive and those that aren’t on the Executive who helped me in getting this done. I appreciate all comments and suggestions received, as they were very helpful.
Thank you

Iris Shrimpton
PR and Fundraising

9. EQUIPMENT REPORT – Shannon Rhude

There were less trials, and therefore less profit from the e-timers this year.

E-timers – Jeff looked at them after the CARS trail. The old timer has a loose magnet and he fixed that. Replaced the on/off switch.   He did work and said to consider it a donation.   The AIM group decided to give the e-timers for free for their trial rather than charge them.

  1. Equipment report regarding the Income and Expenses for 2017 and the Budget for 2018.


Attached here:


Equipment Financial Statement




2017 Trial Income and Expense Report as well as the Budget for 2018


Treasurers report

Brigitte Hunter motioned to accept Treasurer’s report (2017 Income and Expenses) and Craig seconded the motion. Everyone voted and agreed to accept the report. Stephanie Subtelny made motion to accept 2018 Budget with the amendments and Terry Lambert seconded the motion. Everyone has voted and agreed to accept the report and 2018 budget.

Carried Unanimously


 11. ELECTIONS – Dawn Peters and Pat Burroughs

The positions up for election are President, Secretary, Equipment Manager (2 year position – re-election in 2 years)

  • President – Kim Daeninck – Letting name stand. No other nominations. Kim Daeninck is elected as President.
  • Secretary – Stephanie Subtelny – Stephanie has stepped down as Secretary. Shawna McKenzie volunteered for this position and is elected as Secretary.
  • Equipment Manager – Shannon Rhude – Letting name stand. No other nominations. Shannon Rhude is elected as Equipment Manager.

Trial Coordinator – Brigitte Hunter – Letting name stand. No nominations. Brigitte Hunter is elected as Trial Coordinator.



Iris – AIM WEAR:

For the past 6 – 7 months she worked on havin everything ready for AIM meeting.
Has samples of everything except for the Vests. (The Vest material is fleece). There are pictures online.
Order form is provided and will give two months to order. Will do 2 orders like she did with the agility bags. Will bring the order form to the regionals as well.
The 1st order will be ready for May from the April order so the clothes can be worn at the regionals.
Also available on Sundays at Hi-Flyers – (from 10 – 3 or 4 at the building)
There are colours on the samples to choose from.
Glenda said that she can set the Word doc as a PDF and then Glenda will put the AIM wear on the Facebook page and it can be on the website as well (Joan was in agreement).



Any Additional New business?


Iris – Did we have a few demo requests? Maple Grove area that is fully fenced. Kim does not have dates. It doesn’t seem accessible as the small dog park is in the bush a bit and not accessible to vehicles.
Kim warned that we need to be very careful when doing demos. There was an issue we had at The Forks for the Canada Games when we did a demo. Pat asked if there is insurance.
Lori Harker said that lots of clubs are getting incorporated in the states due to liability issues.
Glenda said that the goal of our club is to promote the sport. However, if we can’t control the environment, then there is no return on investment as the liability is too high. We could all be sued as each of in the club are liable.
Shawna asked if we can ask what the cost is for incorporating?
Glenda said that we need to look into what needs to be done. She gave the example of the Manitoba Horse club and how it added various additional costs and not sure AIM can afford it.
Iris motioned that we not do demos in the future, and Glenda seconded it.

Hands of people 23 in total.
Hands in favour of NOT continuing demos – 20
Hands in favour of continuing demos – 3

Not carried unanimously, but motion passed with majority.

Brigitte – Education position – Open if someone would like to take that over, they are welcome to volunteer for it

Brigitte – Patty Leroy – judge is coming again for NADAC. Brigitte is asking is anyone has a truck for the NADAC trail to haul the equipment trailer to Sage Hill.   If anyone has a truck big enough, we would be very much appreciate if someone will volunteer.

Motion to Adjourn by Kim Daeninck and seconded by Laurie Keith.

IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the meeting was adjourned at 1:16 PM.