HELD AT THE Bronx Park Community Centre
Creative Arts Room, 720 Henderson Hwy

On Saturday, February 16, 2019, with President Kim Daeninck, Vice President – Laurie Keith, Treasurer – Lisa Blatter, Equipment Manager – Shannon Rhude, Trail Coordinator – Brigitte Hunter, and Secretary- Shawna McKenzie present, the meeting was called to order at 1:15 PM.

In attendance: Carol Taylor, Bev Benson, Nicole Langdale, Dawn Peters, Pat Burroughs, Lu Derksen, Lori Harker, Janette Delaurier, Lynn Miller, Glen Miller, Lorraine Lorenz, Glenda McLarty, Craig Peters, Joan Morgan, Bev Turdel, Dr Anne Krzyzelewski,

Notice of the meeting having been provided to all Members in accordance with the By-Laws and a quorum of Members being present in person, the meeting was declared properly constituted for the transaction of business and the President, Kim Daeninck, welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Executive.
Welcome to everyone to our AGM.

Thank you to Laurie for organizing our AGM, once again you’ve done a great job in organizing this event.

I’d like to thank all members of the AIM executive for their hard work and dedication over this past year. This group of people put in many hours to ensure that AIM runs smoothly. It is a pleasure to serve with such a great group of people.

I would like to thank the balance of the executive group who are continuing on in their roles and those who are letting their names stand for the positions they currently hold.

Thank you to our Trial Committee who hosted our many successful trials during 2018. Great job was done by all, we appreciate the countless hours that you contribute to planning and organizing our trials and we look forward to the upcoming 2019 trial season.

Also, thank you to our Nominating Committee, Dawn and Nicole, you ladies did stepped up and did a terrific job.

Next, Shawna will read the 2018 AGM Minutes.

Motion was made by the Secretary, Shawna McKenzie, to waive the reading of the 2018 Minutes.

motion by Shawna and seconded by Pat Burroughs
IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the reading of the 2018 Minutes be waived.

1. PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Kim Daeninck

President’s Report:

Here is a brief recap of what AIM did during the course of the past year:

We hosted the AAC, NADAC and USDAA trials and our education seminar.
We supported MAL by the lending them our Etimers.
We supported the AAC Regional and National events.
We ensured that our equipment is in top shape and upgraded as necessary.

What’s to come in 2019:

We hosted another successful seminar with Rebecca MacKay in early January. Rebecca provided an excellent seminar and was very well received by the all participants.
We will host the AAC, NADAC and USDAA trials..
We will donate our usual $100 for the Just Squeaked By award for the AAC Regional event. We will also support the AAC Nationals when they contact us.
We have committed the use of our Etimers to MAL to support their efforts in the fun-filled agility events.
We have earmarked money for equipment purchases and upgrades.
We will continue to look for ways to promote our sport in our province. If anyone has any ideas on how to promote our sport we would love to hear from you.

Next up on our agenda are the reports from the following areas

AIM Annual General Meeting – February 16, 2019
Welcome – Kim
Presidents Message – Kim
Membership Report – Kim for Terry
Education Report – Brigitte
Newsletter Report – Glenda
Library Report – Kim for Stephanie
Trial Coordinator Report – Brigitte
Website Report – Joan
Fundraising & Promotions Report – Iris
Equipment Report – Shannon
Treasurer Report – Lisa
Elections of Executive positions – Vice President, Treasurer, Trial Coordinator – Dawn & Nicole
Any New Business

2. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Terry Lambert

In 2018 we had 67 existing members consisting of:

(7) Family memberships and (60) Single memberships.

In 2018 we have welcomed 6 new members.

Welcome to: JOINED
Jo-Anne Coulombe Dec./17
Jeanette Delaurier Jan/18
Debbie Samson Feb/18
Lu Derksen March/18
Stephanie Inkster March/18
Sharon Burke March/18

Income from Memberships for 2018 is:

7 X $30.00 = $ 210.00
60X $20.00 = $1200.00


Submitted by T. Lambert

3. EDUCATION REPORT – Brigitte Hunter

Rebecca McKay came in January 2019 at Agil-Tracks
26 working spots and 5 auditing spots
Profit of $1766.38 for the seminar since she had a cheap flight within Canada and stayed at Brigitte’s place which also reduced costs.

Next year we will welcome Garry White from Ontario, January 3,4, and 5.
This will be hosted at Agil-tracks.


Newsletters produced in 2018: 1

Goal is to produce more newsletters in 2019.

Glenda will do a Memoriam page in the newsletters for people to submit photos of pets that have been lost.
Face Book is up and running and seems to be working well, it is a great way to get info out quickly to all the members.
We can expect more activity on Face Book as more members join.
It is possible that in 2019 Kim and Glenda will not need to approve posts by members to allow member to post more quickly.
Glenda would like to encourage everyone to use this page more.
Glenda will be going through this month and adding new members and deleting those who did not renew their memberships for 2019.

5. LIBRARY REPORT – Stephanie Subtelny

Loans: 12
Titles Borrowed: 10
Borrowing Members: 6
Crate Games and 2×2 weaves are the two most popular titles. There is a glitch in the 2×2 weaves DVD. I propose we re-purchase DVD as it is very popular. I didn’t purchase it this year but will purchase it this year in 2019.

To increase the lending rate, I will be bringing the AIM Library to the AIM Trials this year.


Thanks to last year’s trial committee for their great work.

In 2018 we had 1 NADAC, 1 USDAA and 2 AAC trials.


There was a profit of $856.70 from the trials.

7. WEBSITE REPORT – Joan Morgan

Website report for 2018

Website is running as it should
Expenses 2018 $352.76



Attached to this report is a report on the AIM clothing. This was not a fundraiser but we did make $98.34 on the clothing.

I am doing a fundraiser for the AAC Manitoba National Fund, Breakfast at Applebee’s on Sunday, March 24th from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.. Tickets are $15.00 each. I am hoping you can sell tickets to your family or your friends to join you for breakfast that morning. Aim will retain $10.00 from each ticket. I am hoping that I can get instructors who have students take tickets to sell to their students.

Applebee’s will provide the kitchen staff and the food etc. but I will need to recruit people to serve and bus tables. To do this you must be over the age of 16. So if I can get a few people for each hour that would be great.

Iris Shrimpton
PR and Fundraising

9. EQUIPMENT REPORT – Shannon Rhude

we pretty well only spent money on batteries, $270.24
made a profit of 44.76
But this year we have a lot of just in case items in the budget please note this often doesn’t get spent but is allotted for as “just in case”
we will be updating software for AAC
we have purchased 16 new tunnel bags
we will be purchasing tunnels, 20′ and 15′ this will be purchased likely be around $1000
A Frame repairs will be determined once Shannon can assess the damage

we will hold an Auction to get rid of item we no longer use such as but not limited to:
USDAA Spread and Double jumps
damages tunnel
old AAC Spread and Double jumps
shoot fabric

• Equipment report regarding the Income and Expenses for 2018 and the Budget for 2018.

Attached here:

Glenn asked if we will be auctioning off the old tunnel bags, we will likely do this, however we will not do All the tunnel bags as we need to start using more bags on every tunnel.

2018 Trial Income and Expense Report as well as the Budget for 2019
Attached here:

We made money almost $3000
spent some of it on equipment already
bank charges have been going up, Lisa will make a few changes in ways she does this to bring thease downs some lady gave her a list to go over, Lori asked about exchnge rates, Lisa will look into all of this, US account it the biggest issue
note all fundraising money goes into the AIM account and then right out to be distributed for nationals

Bev Trudel motioned to accept Treasurer’s report (2018 Income and Expenses) and Dr Ann seconded the motion. Everyone voted and agreed to accept the report. Glenda made motion to accept 2019 Budget with the amendments and Laurie Keith seconded the motion. Everyone has voted and agreed to accept the report and 2019 budget.

11. ELECTIONS – Dawn Peters and Pat Burroughs
The positions up for election are Vice President, Trial Coordinator, and Treasurer
• Vise President – Laurie Keith is stepping down.
Dawn Peters, nominated Nicole Langdale for vise president, she asked three times for other nominations or objections, there were none and it was voted unanimously for Nicole Langdale is elected as AIM Vice President.
• Trial Coordinator – Brigitte Hunter – Letting name stand. No nominations. Brigitte Hunter is elected as Trial Coordinator.
• Treasurer – Lisa Blatter – Letting name stand. No nominations. Lisa Blatter is elected as Trial Coordinator.


Dawn Peters- asked if we should offer some incentive to attend the AGM, she suggest a trial package, it was decided this was too much money to offer to everyone but perhaps we could have a draw for a trial package at the AGM,.
Glenda pointed out that often people who attend the AGM are the people who want to be involved and are already involved in other sub committees she is not sure we would get more people who want to be actively involved.
Should we will consider an incentive to join sub committees? or attend the AGM?
Glenda suggested we form a committee to brainstorm incentives to increase membership and attendance. Glenda will organize this committee, the following member s showed interest in joining; Glenda, Dawn, Nicole, Kim, Laurie, Lu, Pat,

Nicole brought up that Local newspapers (Metro, Lancer Harold) are often looking for topics, perhaps AIM could put together an article to be submitted to promote the sport and events,
Ann pointed out that all the instructors are full and turning people away, do we want to promote the sport if we don’t have room to teach new people?

Motion to Adjourn by Kim Daeninck
IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the meeting was adjourned at 2:16 PM.