HELD AT THE Bronx Park Community Centre
Creative Arts Room, 720 Henderson Hwy

On Saturday, February 8th, 2020, with President Kim Daeninck, Vice President – Nicole Langdale, Treasurer – Lisa Blatter, Equipment Manager – Shannon Rhude, Trail Coordinator – Brigitte Hunter, and Secretary- Shawna McKenzie present, the meeting was called to order at 1:38pm

In attendance: Carol Taylor, Pat Burroughs, Lu Derksen, Lori Harker, Lynn Miller, Glen Miller, Lorraine Lorenz, Glenda McLarty, Craig Peters, Joan Morgan, Bev Trudel, Terry Lambert, Donna Gould, Laurie Keith, Pierre Lalonde, and Stephanie Subtelney.

Notice of the meeting having been provided to all Members in accordance with the By-Laws and a quorum of Members being present in person, the meeting was declared properly constituted for the transaction of business and the President, Kim Daeninck, welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Executive.

AIM Annual General Meeting – February 8, 2020
• Welcome – Kim
1) Presidents Message – Kim
2) AAC Regional Director Report – Kim for Melanie
3) Education Report – Brigitte
4) Membership Report – Kim for Terry
5) Newsletter Report – Glenda
6) Library Report – Stephanie
7) Trial Coordinator Report – Brigitte
8) Website Report – Joan
9) Fundraising & Promotions Report – Kim for Iris
10) Equipment Report – Shannon
11) Treasurer Report – Lisa
12) Elections of Executive positions –President, Secretary, Equipment Manager, Fund Raising/Promotions – Dawn & Pat
13) Any New Business
14) Draws – Kim

Welcome to everyone to our AGM. – Kim Daeninck

Before I get into the meeting I would like to say that for the past 14 years it has been my honor and privilege to serve you, our members, as President. I have been fortunate to work with some wonderful people on the executive and on the various committees. I have enjoyed my time fulfilling this position, but it is time for me to take a break. I will continue on with my duties on the committee set up at our last AGM to look for ways to reward our members and to encourage members to take on new roles.
I would like to thank Nicole for planning and organizing our AGM, you’ve done a great job in putting this event together.
I’d like to thank all members of the AIM executive for their hard work and dedication over this past year. This group of people put in many hours to ensure that AIM runs smoothly. It is a pleasure to serve with such a great group of people.
Thank you to our Trial Committee who hosted our many successful trials during 2019. A great job was done by all, we appreciate the countless hours that you contribute to planning and organizing our trials and we look forward to the upcoming 2020 trial season.
Thank you to our newest committee whose mandate is to look for ways to encourage our members to take on new roles and to reward our members who do so much for our organization and also to promote the sport of agility that we love so much.
My thank you to our Nominating Committee, Dawn and Pat, you ladies did a terrific job.
Next, Shawna will read the 2019 AGM Minutes.

Motion was made by the Stephanie Subtelney to waive the reading of the 2019 Minutes.

this motion by Stephanie Subtelney was seconded by Pat Burroughs
IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the reading of the 2019 Minutes be waived.

1. PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Kim Daeninck

President’s Report:
Here is a brief recap of what AIM did during the course of the past year:
• We hosted the 2 AAC, 1 NADAC and 1 USDAA trials and our education seminar.
• We supported MAL by the lending them our Etimers.
• We supported the AAC Regional and National events.
• We ensured that our equipment is in top shape and upgraded as necessary.

What’s to come in 2020:
• We hosted another successful seminar with Gary White in early January. Gary provided an excellent seminar and was very well received by the all participants.
• We will host the 2 AAC, 1 NADAC and 1 USDAA trials..
• We will donate our usual $100 for the Just Squeaked By award for the AAC Regional event.
• We will also support Michelle Thompson who is hosting the AAC Regionals at Sage Hill Stables in May by lending AIM’s equipment and Etimers.
• We will also support the AAC Nationals when they contact us.
• We have committed the use of our Etimers to MAL to support their efforts in the fun-filled agility events.
• We have earmarked money for equipment purchases and upgrades.
• We will continue to look for ways to promote our sport in our province. If anyone has any ideas on how to promote our sport we would love to hear from you.

2. REGIONAL DIRECTORS REPORT – Kim Daninick for Melanie Hart

Regional Director
For anyone who may not know, I was “elected” as AAC Regional Director for SK/MB/Nun for a 2 year term that started in January 2020.
Some of my responsibilities include: attending monthly Board meetings, looking after trial site approvals and equipment approvals. There always seem to be issues that come up between Board meetings and there is a lot of problem solving done via emails etc.

I attended my first Board meeting on January 15, 2020. Some of the highlights/topics discussed included:

1. There are no bids for Regional or National hosts for 2021. The Board will be putting out a request for people to host. Mark your calendars for May 16/17, 2020 where Regionals will be held here in Winnipeg at Sagecreek stables. Information on this event will be posted at Nationals for 2020 are just a short drive away in Calgary August 13-16, 2020.

2. There will be a new rule where dogs will be allowed to wear a flat buckle collar with no tags in the ring.
3. There are a few AAC committees that are getting back to work and the Board may be looking for volunteers for some of them (Junior Handler, Development committee).
4. Kayl McCann has been hired as the National Team coach. You can support the team and audit their training for $75. Contact Arlene Lehman if interested.
5. The new competition stream has been approved and the classes will be called: Grand Prix Standard and Grand Prix Jumpers with weaves. These classes can be offered starting July 1, 2020. For a biathlon Q the team must have a qualifier for both Grand Prix Standard and Grand Prix Jumpers with weaves at a single trial. There is a rulebook update with these new classes.
6. The AAC is hiring! We are looking for a full time Operations Administrator. There is information posted on the website.

In terms of communication, AAC members are sent regular email updates with new rule changes etc via constant contact. There is a Facebook group – people playing agility in Saskatchewan and Manitoba but it is not really a preferred method of communication for AAC. If you want to send me a message you can go to the AAC website and send a Board member a message.
Lastly, I just want to touch on social media. Throughout my term, there are no doubt going to be challenges that come up. Sometimes people turn to social media to complain when these issues arise. I ask you to try not to feed into the negativity that can occur. Positive feedback goes a long way to solving problems! After all, agility is a hobby/game that we are fortunate to be able to play with our wonderful dogs and friends! Looking forward to the 2020 agility season!
Melanie Hart

3. EDUCATION REPORT – Brigitte Hunter

We hosted Garry White from Ontario, on January 3,4, and 5 2020 at Agil-Tracks
Everyone seemed to like the 4 day format with half day working spots. It is Gary’s preference to have 6 working dogs per session and to come for 4 day seminar as opossed to a 6 day seminar. He prefers not to come for longer periods of time. This being said that meant that not everyone who submitted an entry was accepted for a working spot. Brigitte explained that names were placed into a draw and chosen at random to work, those not chosen at the Masters level were then entered into the advanced draw, and so on down to novice.
Concerns were raised to Brigitte regarding active AIM members, specifically those on the executive and other committees who did not receive working spots when new AIM member did, also that some people may have joined AIM in order to attend the seminar and they received working spots.
Brigitte acknowledged these concerns and offered the following suggestions;

Brigitte will approach Garry and ask to add one working spot so 7 rather than 6 dogs may work at a time.
When the premium for the next seminar is released it will state that priority spots will be given to those who sat on an AIM committee within the past 2 years and/or are helping with the seminar.

Shannon, voiced that she is in favor of both options; trying to get another working spot and giving priority to those on AIM committees. Several people agreed.
Lu voiced that this might encourage people to join AIM committees. Several people nodded in agreement.
Lorraine voiced that this is a benefit/ incentive to those volunteering on AIM committees. Several people agreed.
Brigitte expressed that we might lose a few AIM members who joined just for the seminar, however the befits of maintaining committee member will outweigh these looses.
Terry confirmed that she did receive membership applications that coincided with the seminar opening and that some of those people didn’t renew this year.
Lisa voiced that she hopes this might help turn over people within the committees more frequently than people holding a position for 10+ years.
Glenda suggested that people who have previously done a seminar get priority.
Brigitte also suggested that for the next seminar she will reverse the working times to break up the days a bit more for example on the novice/advanced day the novice will work the morning one day and the afternoon next. Lori Harker mentioned this is done with several seminars she has attended in the states and she likes the format very much.
Brigitte’s final comments were that the financial expenses for attaché will likely be higher next year as neither she or Tanis Rafter submitted their dinner receipts while taking Gary out this year.

24 Working spots @ $275.00
3 Working Spots @ $225.00
3 Auditing Spots @ $200.00
3 Auditing Spots @ $150.00
Profit of $1263.84

Next year we will welcome Garry back for a 3 day Seminar on January ___________
This will be hosted at Agil-tracks.

AIM Seminar Financial Report

4. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Terry Lambert

In 2019 we had 66 Existing members consisting of :

(7) Family memberships and (59) Single memberships.

In 2019 we have welcomed four new members.

Welcome to: JOINED
Angelique Duseigne November, 2018
Jennifer Kasprick December, 2018
Kristine Boyce December, 2018
Louise Justice-Dupois May, 2019

Income from Memberships for 2016 is:

7 X30.00 = $ 210.00
59X $20.00 = 1,180.00


Submitted by T. Lambert


Newsletters produced in 2019: 0

Goal is to produce more newsletters in 2020.

Glenda stated that a newsletter is in the works however health concerns this past year have limited the amount of time Glenda has been able to spend on her computer thus making it difficult to produce.
Glenda is happy to announce the Facebook page has received a lot of attention and seems well used, she is getting a lot of requests from non AIM members to join and continues to limit the page to current AIM members, Glenda will be going through this month and adding new members as well as deleting those who did not renew their memberships for 2020.
Kim will stay on as a co administrator of the Facebook page after stepping down as President of AIM..
Nicole, thanked Glenda for working hard on Facebook but expressed some concern for those members who are not on Facebook, she mentioned that a lot of great information is being shared there and doesn’t want any members to be excluded.
Glenda replied that many of our members are using the Facebook page, but agreed that the news letter still has a place and committed to will get one out soon.

6. LIBRARY REPORT – Stephanie Subtelny

Loans: 14
Titles Borrowed: 9
Borrowing members: 7
Crate Games, Success with One Jump and Foundation Jumping were our most popular titles this past year.

I will be bringing the AIM Library to the AGM again this year and will also bring to any AIM trials I will go to.

I looked into purchasing the following DVD and the price was pretty much the same on Amazon, Clean Run and on Susan Garret’s website (it was most expensive on Amazon): Approximately $70 USD

* 2×2 weave training

I think the borrow rate of this DVD went down in popularity since there is a glitch in the DVD. I would like to re-purchase this DVD to add to the AIM library so it’s glitch-free.
I also researched some other DVDs that could expand our library – We need some new exciting titles:

* Sylvia Trikman – Xtreme Foundations – $45 USD (plus 6.5 Eur for shipping)
* Sylvia Trikman – Foundations Revisited DVD – $57 USD (if you buy more than one, the shipping does not increase, it would be one flat rate of 6.5 Eur for as many DVDs as your purchase at one time)
* Sylvia Trikman – Ready, Steady, Go! (33 tips for more speed) – $53 USD

Lisa Blatter will donate a copy of 2×2 training to the AIM library
Stephanie asked people to email suggestions to her of DVDs they would like to see added to the library.
Brigitte pointed out that the ” Xtreme Foundations” are masters level, and can be difficult also that “Ready Steady Go” is not worth it, in her opinion but that “Foundation Revisited” is great.
Lisa suggested Stephanie look into “Absolute dogs”
Lisa asked if it’s time to get rid of books, as our books are getting outdated, Stephanie pointed out that she has never loaned out a book from the library, people seem more interested in the DVDs.
Lisa suggestion to auction off books at the July trial, many people were in agreement.
We will add a note about a book auction to the July premium this auction will be open to everyone not just AIM members.
Stephanie will order a few DVDs for the library after looking into Absolute Dogs and other suggestions made to her.
deadline for suggestions March 30 2020


Thanks to last year’s trial committee for their great work.
In 2019 we had 1 NADAC, 1 USDAA and 2 AAC trials.
There was a profit of $3522.59 from the trials.

All this info is on the AIM website
For 2020, we’d like to encourage new people to shadow existing trial committee members as some member may be stepping down next year.
Brigitte suggested a call out to ask for people to shadow could be included in all the 2020 trail premiums as well as on Facebook.

AIM Trials 2020     Trial and Income Expenses 2019

8. WEBSITE REPORT – Joan Morgan

WebMaster Report 2019
In 2019 our host provider, HoatPapa offered us a new plan. This plan is a 3 year contract costing $489.51 which will adequately cover all our needs.
The package, WebHosting Business Pro, includes
Web hosting
Website Backup
Renewal of this package will be $791.64 in August 15,2022.

To put this into perspective, our last 3 year period from Nov. 2016 to Aug. 2019.
Our HostPapa expenses were as follows:

Webhosting 3 year period $251.64
Securi website protection $208.95 annually $626.85
Sitelock basic $35.88 annually $107.64
Website backup $35.88 annually $107.64

Total $1097.77

Additional website expenses for 2019 as follows
Wordfence Security package $39.00US
Envira Gallery (pictures) $25.45
Webwizards (PHP upgrade) $157.00

Joan Morgan


AIM did a fundraiser for the AAC Manitoba National Fund, Breakfast at Applebee’s on Sunday, March 24 from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.. We brought in $500.00.

Attached to this report is the 2019 AAC National Fund Report. This fund was started by Janet Ingersoll and myself approximately 8 years ago. It is open to anyone who has qualified at Regionals and will be competing at the Nationals. In 2019 5 people attended and each person received $410.00.
Iris Shrimpton
PR and Fundraising
Fundraiser      National Fundraiser

10. EQUIPMENT REPORT – Shannon Rhude

This year we purchased new tunnel bags and they are great! We used them for all the summer trials, they held up nicely and people seemed to like them so we just purchased 16 more for the 2020 season. We also got 2 new tunnels and Shannon re painted the weave poles.
Special thanks to Carol who picked up the 16 new bags in the states.
Brigitte asked if we have we sold the old tunnels bags yet
Shannon replied that we have not however they will likely be sold at the Sagehill Trial.
For 2020 Shannon has ordered new mics for the sound system, one lapel and head set these are from amazon.

There will be new pricing for the E Timer Rental, Shannon has already emailed all of the clubs to inform them the new rates will be; $25/day, $50 for a weekend, or $5 per class.

• Equipment report regarding the Income and Expenses for 2019 and the Budget for 2020.

Attached here:

2019 AIM Equipment-Income Report

AIM 2020 Equipment Budget


We made money! We made extra money because we sold off equipment at the sage hill trial. We made about $3500 this year.

2019 expenses had a few surprises specifically with the website however we had a contingency to cover this.
Lisa feels that the liability insurance for AIM is getting to high with annual increases, so she has talked to them they told her in writing it will go down for 2020 she will keep the executive informed of this. it was noted that this liability insurance covers the equipment but that Autopac on the trailer is a separate expense noted in the equipment budget.
Lisa noted that in her budget nothings too surprising, and that expanses are typical with a bit extra in the contingency. She has allotted $300 as a donation to Regions as they will be in MB this year. This will sponsor a Volunteer prize as well as the “just Squeaked by” award.
Lisa expects to be in the plus again next year.
Motion was made by Glenda to accept all of the reports.
this motion by Glenda was seconded by Craig.
IT WAS RESOLVED THAT all reports are accepted.
2019 Trial Income and Expense Report as well as the Budget for 2020
Attached here:

12. ELECTIONS – Pat Burroughs

The positions up for election are President, Equipment Manager, Secretary and Fundraising/Promotions
• President – Kim Daeninck is stepping down. there have been no nominations for this position so as per out mandate, Nicole will step up as president of AIM.
Laurie Keith offers to step in as vice president, as well Glenda offers to take on the role of vice president, Laurie then steps out of the nominations.
Brigitte nominated Glenda, Craig seconded the nomination, it is resolved that Glenda will be the new vice president of AIM
• Secretary – Shawna McKenzie – Letting name stand. No nominations. Shawna McKenzie is elected as Secretary.
• Equipment Manager – Shannon Rhude – No nominations. Shannon Rhude is elected as Equipmemt Manager.
Shannon expressed disappointment about the seminar, and who received working spots. She would like to see changes are made to the seminars attendance format. She is content with the proposed changes Brigitte has offered and agrees to let her name stand however if change does not happen she WILL be stepping down.
• Fundraising/ Promotions – Iris Shrimpton is stepping down.
Lisa will do this position with a partner however she does not want to take it on alone.
Stephanie expresses interest in helping on some type of fundraising committee
Pat is willing to help with idea as she has done this position in the past
Shawna agrees to work closely with Lisa in this role
it is resolved that Shawna Lisa Pat and Stephanie will form a fundraising committee,


Lisa and Bridgett’s positions are up next year and both plan to step down, Glenda will will put something in the news letter and on Facebook about this with the hopes of getting volunteers to shadow these positions.
Brigitte asked for suggestions for next year’s judges, she will begin contacting them soon please email her your suggestions.
Lori Harker explained some exciting changes coming up for USDAA. Some of these changes include but are not limited to:
USDAA will now allow FEO runs, as well as re runs
a position less table as well new table heights 12″ and 20″
qs will combine before championship and performance with the excetion of veterens
no more “up contact” judging
24′ tire
dogs can run in starters and advanced in the same trial
super q now available with only 1 dog in the class
jump heights are changing to be similar to UKI heights
USDAA is also re evaluating its club fees to be more in line with other organizations
Lori will try to get these changes approved for our August trial (as they are suppose to take effect in September 2020) as well she is seeking and exemption for un unslatted A frame and she will ask that we again offer buy ups for those with AAC accomplishments.


You may remember at our last AGM we created a committee to look for ways to increase membership, to increase member participation, to increase attendance at the AGM and to reward those members who do contribute and who do attend the AGM. The committee made a proposal to the Executive group which was approved. The committee recommended making 2 draws for a $25 AIM gift certificate. One draw is for all volunteers who served on a committee or on the executive group in 2019. The other draw is for the members who attend the AGM. I would like to thank Nicole who created the gift certificates, she was very creative in her design.
Kim has pre entered the names into the appropriate draws;
Draw for all people in attendance; Stephanie Subtelney drawn by Nicole
Draw for all AIM members who have served on a committee or executive in the past year; Melanie Heart drawn by Shannon

Motion to Adjourn by Kim Daeninck
IT WAS RESOLVED THAT the meeting was adjourned at 3:02pm