Agility—what is it?fyi_teemu

Agility is a canine sport where a handler directs their dog over a timed obstacle course. Obstacles include jumps, tunnels, tire jump, see-saw (teeter totter), dog walk, a-frame and weave poles. The dog and handler must work as a team using voice commands and signals, off leash and without a collar.


Can my dog compete?

Any breed of dog, including mixed-breeds, can participate and compete – no pedigrees required. All you need are: basic team work, a certain physical ability and a will to have fun. The best way to know is to try it. Dogs are required to be 18 months of age to enter a trial but training can start earlier. Older dogs can still learn agility and compete; it’s not too late to start training today. By completing an agility course to defined performance standards, you and your dog can earn qualifying scores towards agility titles.

See our links page for useful links to information on agility.


What does Agility in Manitoba offer?

The various agility organizations that we support (AAC, NADAC & USDAA) offer many titles that can be earned. We all start off at the Novice or Starters level, work our way up to Advanced level and finally to the Masters or Elite levels. Each level offers challenges and opportunities for the dog/handler team to display their skills and to have fun running the courses.

The courses are timed events and the dogs must complete the obstacles that are designated to make up the course. Oh yes, there are off course traps just to make our lives more interesting. If the dog/handler team completes the course as set out by the judge and are within the course time and have run clean (meaning no faults occurred) you earn a qualifying score or a leg if you will towards a title. And for each of those qualifying scores or legs we earn a ribbon and are one step closer to earning a title.

Oh,  did I mention just how much fun both the human and the dog components of the team have?


Do we offer training classes?

AIM does not offer training classes. Our education committee does organize seminars on a regular basis but we do not offer any form of agility training. There are several trainers in the Manitoba region offering agility classes.

For more information on some of the groups offering training please see the links page.