Below are a list of the core trial committee positions. The Trial Committees are responsible for organizing AIM trial events and they report to the Trial Coordinator, a member of the AIM executive. In order to be a member of an AIM trial committee, you must be a member in good standing with AIM. Some of the trial committee positions below can be held by multiple persons or the responsibilities can be divided among several individuals.

Committee Positions


  • Must be knowledgeable about classes offered and rules of the specific agility organization.
  • Coordinates all committee members’ responsibilities (especially closer to the show date). Ensures schedules are met and show is well staffed.
  • Secures an on-call veterinarian and delivers a card of thanks upon completion of the trial.
  • Directs management of the show budget. Collects all receipts from committee members and passes them on to the Treasurer after preparing the final financial report.
  • During the event, oversees the entire operation and keeps it on schedule.
  • Details the “Rules of the Trial” (warm-up area, exercise areas, smoking policy, etc.)
  • Fields all questions relating to the trial.
  • Mediates conflicts if necessary. The decisions of the Trial Coordinator and judges are final. Any decisions will receive the full support of the Trial Committee.
  • Makes arrangements per specific organization rules to measure-in dogs. Arranges for a knee pad or towel for the judges to kneel on.
  • Acts as liaison by introducing the judges to the ring crew prior to the trial and to the competitors at the start of classes.
  • Conducts a general briefing first thing in the morning to introduce the judges and go over any house rules.
  • Thanks the competitors and judges on the last day of the trial.
  • Obtains and presents the judges’ gifts and thank you cards.
  • Ensures that the money or cheque is ready for all of the judges’ expenses.
  • Ensures that the Trial Secretary files the final reports and makes payment to the organizations within the allotted time frame.
  • Prepares the final financial report and forwards copies to the Treasurer and Club Secretary.

AIM Trial Chair (pdf)


The Trial Secretary is responsible for all paperwork associated with the agility trial with the exception of the original trial application. The Trial Secretary must be fully versed in the rules of the sanctioning body for the trial.

Before the Trial:

  • Gathers pertinent information and prepares the trial premium in accordance with sanctioning body’s and club’s requirements.
  • Obtains any required premium approvals. Where possible, gets approval of the Trial Committee and the Trial Co-ordinator.
  • Emails the approved premium (or link to the premium) to AIM’s: Webmaster for posting to the website Membership coordinator for email to all current AIM members Judges’ Liaison to forward to the judges
  • Posts the premium (or link to the premium) to the appropriate yahoo groups and/or other agility forums.
  • Makes arrangements with Trial Secretary for the previous trial to obtain AIM’s computer, printer, common Trial Secretary box and, if applicable, the organization-specific trial box for the trial.
  • Verifies that necessary supplies are sufficient for the trial, arranges for any supplies needed.

Trial Entry Processing:

  • Sets up trial in the appropriate software.
  • Answers questions competitors may have about entering the trial.
  • Receives and processes entries for the trial. Ensures that they are complete, valid, and accurate and that the correct entry fees have been enclosed.
  • Sends an initial email to acknowledge receipt of an entry from a competitor.
  • If entry limits apply, manages the waiting list and advises competitors if they are waitlisted.
  • Contacts competitors with any questions about their entry as needed.
  • Enters the information from the entry form into the computer software.
  • Prior to the trial closing date, posts a reminder of the closing date to the appropriate agility forums.
  • Processes any move ups received prior to the move up closing date.
  • Compiles volunteer information in a spreadsheet and forwards it to the Volunteer Chair.
  • Works with the Volunteer Chair to arrange for personnel to work at the Score Table.
  • After the closing date, sends out trial confirmations to competitors via email or, if necessary, by regular post.
  • Prepares scribe sheets for each dog/run and arranges them to match the gate sheets/running order.
  • Prepares the check-in information for the trial.
  • Prepares the trial catalogue and gate sheets/running order, establishing the most efficient running order possible.
  • The week of the trial, sends out the trial information to all competitors. Ensures that the check-in time, start time, classes entered, schedule of classes and any other pertinent information is included.
  • Emails the trial catalogue to competitors a few days before the trial. This may be included with the trial information.
  • If requested by the Volunteer Chair, emails out the worker schedule to competitors a few days before the trial.
  • The week of the trial, provides the following to the Judges’ Liaison to pass to the judge(s): Number of runs Number of competitor course copies required (if applicable)
  • If not already established, works with the Site Chair on the locations of the score table, check-in and measuring.
  • Reconciles entries and financial information and prepares the fees for deposit. Arranges for deposit of the trial fees with the Treasurer.
  • Processes refunds for competitors as per trial premium, advises Trial Chair and Treasurer of any refunds required. Treasurer will either provide cheques to be distributed at the trial or mail directly to the competitor, so mailing information should be included.
  • Provides the following to the Treasurer and Trial Chair: Trial financial information (e.g., entries fees, refund amounts, etc.), Judges’ fees, Sanctioning body fees. (Note: it may not be possible to finalize until the trial weekend).
  • Arranges for a cheque for the sanctioning body fees, made out to the sanctioning body, from the Treasurer.

Weekend of the Trial:

  • Sets up the score table.
  • If posting course maps, arranges for that to be done.

AIM Trial Secretary (pdf)


Is responsible for the overall coordination and organization of the trial committee and the competitive activities of Agility in Manitoba (AIM).
Is an elected executive position and is voted in at the Annual AGM every second year.
Must be knowledgeable of classes offered, competitors’ eligibility and rules of the agility organizations.

  • Appoints the following positions for the trial committee(s):
    • Trial Chair
    • Trial Secretary
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Equipment Manager
    • Equipment Persons
    • Ribbons & Awards
    • Site Coordinator
    • Judges’ Liaison
    • Judges’ Attaché
  • Organizes and chairs Trial Committee meetings.
  • Attends Executive meetings.
  • Prepares a Trial Coordinator report for the AGM.
  • Verifies that site maps and equipment lists are updated annually.
  • Ensures AIM Club memberships with the Agility organizations are current.
  • Subscribes to and participates in NADAC Yahoo Group.
  • Obtains Executive approval of trials and the dates trials are to be offered.
  • Submits or verifies that trial applications, with applicable fees, have been submitted and confirmation has been received.
  • In conjunction with the trial committee, determines classes to be offered, running order and entry fees.
  • Proof reads the preliminary Premium List from the Trial Secretaries as applicable.
  • Reserves Judges and confirms any additional expenses, i.e: kenneling or parking fees.
  • Provides Judges with the name and email of the Judges’ Liaison.
  • Provides Judges’ Liaison with the name and email address of the Judges.

AIM Trial Coordinator (pdf)


  • Responsible for all contact between AIM and the representative of the site.
  • Works closely with the Trial Coordinator to search out and inspect site possibilities.
  • Assesses the site and takes information to the trial committee regarding:
    • Ground surface
    • Area available for ring, tenting
    • Power
    • Water
    • Parking
    • Security
    • Washroom facilities
    • Hours of access (park entrance hours, set up Friday night, etc.)
    • Gate admissions/complimentary passes (if required)
    • Rules and regulations (dogs off leash, sale of food, sponsor’s banners, etc.)
    • Facility cost
    • Feasibility
  • Books the site and obtains any necessary permits. Makes a deposit to vendor if necessary. Obtains receipt in writing from vendor.
  • Forwards a copy of AIM’s insurance contract, if required. (Available from the Treasurer).
  • Assesses the trial’s needs/requirements and books or obtains additional necessities (portable toilets, PA system, extension cords, water, garbage cans, baggies, etc.).
  • Meets with on-site personnel before the trial (initially and possibly the day before the trial).

During the event:

  • Issues balance payment to site owner/representative.
  • Arranges and supervises security (if required).
  • Keeps pool filled.
  • Supplies extra toilet paper if needed.
  • Posts signage to direct exhibitors to the site and parking.
  • Is available and accountable for any “on site” problems (power, parking, water) during the event.
  • Inspects the site after the event; makes sure the area is clean and any equipment belonging to the vendor is returned.


AIM Trial Site Coordinator (pdf)


Before the Trial:

  • Determines the volunteer positions required for the trial.
  • Schedules the volunteers to fill the required positions, based on information received from the Trial Secretary.
  • Informs the Chair of the trial committee if there is a shortage of volunteers.
  • Emails schedule to Trial Secretary to send to competitors or have copies made for competitors at the trial.

Trial Set up:

  • Contacts everyone who volunteered to come out on Friday evening and confirms the set up time.
  • Confirms a volunteer to set the ring.
  • Confirms a Master Course Builder for (Friday) set up.
  • Ensures that the Equipment Person is aware of which volunteers will be there to help.

At the Trial:

  • Ensures a copy of the volunteer schedule is posted at the Gate.
  • Solicits volunteers to fill vacant positions from people in attendance at the trial.
  • Ensures new volunteers understand their role and responsibilities.
  • Oversees volunteer performance at the trial and provides assistance as needed.
  • In consultation with Trial Committee, determines method of “thank you” to volunteers and its method of distribution.
  • If drawing for volunteer gifts, organizes the draw and ensures any supplies needed are on site.
  • Suggested Positions:
    • Friday night set up
    • Sunday evening take down
    • Gate steward
    • Scribe
    • Timer
    • Master course builder
    • Course builders
    • Ring stewards
    • Scribe sheet runner
    • Leash runner
    • Help with the score table


AIM Volunteer Coordinator  (pdf)


  • Must be a member of the Executive and is responsible for reporting to the Executive on the status of the club’s equipment.
  • Must be part of the trial committee.
  • Prepares and presents the equipment budget at the AGM and works within the budget.
  • Coordinates necessary equipment and supply purchases.
  • Makes sure the trailer is insured (confirms with the Treasurer).
  • Maintains the trailer as needed.
  • Arranges for transportation of the equipment to and from events.
  • Ensures that the club’s equipment meets the current specifications as outlined in each organization’s rule book, and keeps up-to-date on changing equipment specifications.
  • Maintains an inventory of the club’s equipment and supplies.
  • Updates the main equipment list as well as each individual organization’s equipment list in January of every year, and posts it to the Yahoo trial committee group files to be available to the:
    • Treasurer for insurance purposes
    • Trial Coordinator for trial applications
    • Judges’ Liaison for judges’ information
    • P.R. Coordinator for the purpose of demonstrations
  • Trains and oversees the Equipment Persons or otherwise needed volunteers related to equipment.
  • Arranges for storage of the trailer, equipment and supplies.
  • Maintains a list of repair and upkeep supplies, i.e. paint, tools, jump cups, etc.
  • Ensures the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment and supplies.
  • Is responsible for the electronic timing equipment.


AIM Equipment Manager (pdf)


  • Is responsible for the club’s equipment on-site and during events.
  • Arranges for any equipment or supplies that need to be borrowed or rented (as per information from the Equipment Manager, Show Committee or Public Relations Officer).

Is in charge of the Friday night set up for a trial:

    • >Coordinates the volunteers to help with the unloading of the equipment trailer;
    • Coordinates the volunteers to help the person designated to set up the ring with that task;
    • Ensures an unnumbered copy of the first course is available on Friday night for the Master Course Builder;
    • Coordinates the volunteers to help the Master Course Builder with building the first course.
  • Makes sure that enough weights, stakes and tie-downs are available in case of bad weather.
  • Is on-site and available during events to resolve any concerns or answer any questions with regard to equipment.
  • Maintains the equipment in working order during an event.
  • Ensures that tools required to maintain equipment are on-site.
  • Coordinates the loading of the equipment trailer on the last day of the trial when the trial is over; ensuring correct placement in the trailer of all equipment.
  • Reports to the Equipment Manager any equipment concerns, need for repairs, replacement or restocking of supplies after an event.
  • Does not need to be part of the trial committee, but may be.

Friday Evening Set-Up Tasks

  • Unload AIM equip from the trailer. Make sure you have the equipment list that was sent to the judge so you know what equipment to unload. For NADAC you might want to check before unloading how many winged jumps will be used as NADAC often uses no winged jumps. Especially if you are short of volunteers you do not want to unload more than you need to. NADAC does not use a teeter, table, tire or chute.
  • Assemble the Contacts. For NADAC the dog walk will have to be measured and marked with tape as they require a 42″ contact zone.
  • Assemble one set of 12 weave pole bases and 2 sets of 6.
  • Decide where the Secretary and Judge are going and if they are sharing a tent and decide if you are putting up the tents Fri eve or Sat.
  • Decide where ribbons, results and volunteer stuff will be set up.
  • Make sure there is power and rain protection for the secretary.
  • Decide where you are storing equip – there is often room at the near end of the ring to store some items.
    • Set up 2 jumps for a warm up area.


AIM Equipment Person (pdf)


  • Requests a cash advance from the treasurer before the trial to cover hotel/motel payment, gift and food purchases and dinner expenses, or may choose to be reimbursed fully at the end of the trial.
  • Picks the judges up from airport, transports them to the motel, to and from the show site each day, and returns them to the airport.
  • Accompanies the judges for dinner on the Friday night, unless they prefer to dine by themselves in the hotel/motel, looks after all of the judges’ meals on Saturday and Sunday, including before, during and after the trial, and before boarding the airplane.
  • Makes arrangements to have course copies made for the exhibitors if the judge does not bring them. This may have to be done the day of the trial. Master copies will be posted at the trial in the event that copies cannot be made due to late arrival of the judge.
  • Escorts the judges to his/her table and chair at the trial, placing it where the judges prefer it to be.
  • Checks with the judges frequently during the trial, asking if they have any special requests regarding trial/ring procedure, etc.
  • Checks with the treasurer that the judges’ fees and expenses have been paid before the trial is over.
  • Prepares an expense report to be submitted with receipts to the Trial Chair.
  • Judges’ Attaché may receive payment for his meals with the judges on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, with a maximum of $25/day and no alcohol purchases.
  • Judges’ Attaché will also be reimbursed for mileage as well as parking at the airport.


AIM Judges’ Attache (pdf)


Prior to the Trial:

  • Once the Judges’ Liaison has been informed by the trial coordinator that the judges have been secured for the trial, the Liaison contacts the judges with information that should include:
    • Basic trial information
    • Equipment list
    • Site map
    • Tentative class order
    • Approximate number of runs per day
    • Flight arrangements and arrangements for payment/reimbursement
    • Ensures that judges have a passport for international travel
    • Basic expenses incurred to come to our trial, including kenneling expenses, mileage, parking and meals en route
    • Accommodation details: makes the motel reservation, looks after check-in and checkout, including payment
    • Finds out about special dietary needs and preferences
  • A week before the Trial:
    • Notifies the judges of any changes that have occurred since the first email.
  • Provides number of exhibitors in order to prepare course copies.
  • Requests that an unnumbered course copy for the first course of the day be FAXED or sent on Clean Run Course Designer to the Liaison, for set up on Friday night.
  • Provides the equipment person with this copy for set up on Friday night.
  • Provides the judges with details regarding the weather forecast for the weekend of the trial.
  • Provides the judges with details regarding their arrival at the airport: Judges’ Attaché/Liaisons’ name, phone numbers and how to be recognized.
  • Provides an emergency name and phone contact in case judges have difficulty en route.
  • Prepares a small “hospitality” basket as seems applicable to place in the motel room for use upon the judge’s arrival. It would include a few snacks, fruit and beverages.


AIM Judges’ Liaison (pdf)


  • Reports all ribbons and awards income/expenses to the Show Chair after each trial.
  • Organizes the ribbons, awards and prize quantities required for the classes being held.
  • Orders all of the above with direction from the Show Organizing Committee at least two months in advance. Must know the correct colours and required lettering designated by the Trial Organization.
  • Prepares labels for the back of the ribbons if they are to be used and not already on the ribbons.
  • Transports the ribbons, toys and dog cookies to the show site on the morning of the trial, and removes the left over ribbons and toys at the end of the trial.
  • Has the check in toys/treats available at check in time.
  • Organizes the ribbons and dog cookies at the show site, ensuring they are neatly displayed for self serve pick up.
  • Takes inventory and packs up all left-over ribbons and toys/treats for the next trial.
  • Arranges for storage of all ribbons and toys/treats.


AIM Ribbons and Awards (pdf)

The job descriptions above are not intended to explain every aspect of each position. The intent is to familiarize you with what is involved should you decide to volunteer for one or more of these positions at an agility trial. Please contact the Trial Coordinator to volunteer.