Welcome to Agility in Manitoba (AIM)

AIM promotes agility associations and events that are open to any breed of dog, mixed or purebred. By joining AIM, you will be helping us grow this exciting sport here, in Manitoba. Our membership already includes handlers and dogs competing in agility under various associations and at many levels. AIM’s agility seminars and events allow our members to learn more about agility and compete here at home in Manitoba under several different organizations.

Each year, we host numerous trials where we get to play the sport and a seminar to update our skills and knowledge of the evolving sport of agility. We also have put on demonstrations to showcase what our sport is all about and how much fun the dog/handler teams have playing it.

Oh, did we mention just how much fun both the human and the dog components of the team have?



Are you intrigued yet about the sport of dog agility?

Yes, we thought you might be, so continue your way through our website to learn more.