Is an elected executive position and is voted in at the Annual AGM every second year.

  • Responsible for resolving any AIM issues that get elevated to the executive. This resolution may or may not require a meeting with the other executive group members. Is also responsible for the effective communication to the parties of the issue, the communication may be in written format, verbal format or both.
  • Responsible for the investigation of any item that may be presented to the executive for review and approval. This resolution may involve a meeting with the executive group. Is also responsible for the effective communication to the parties of the item raised, the communication may be in written format, verbal format or both.
  • Responsible for setting and chairing of all executive meetings. Is responsible to ensure that minutes are taken and maintained for the executive group.
  • Responsible for the establishment of the Nominating Committee for those positions up for election and ensures that all members are contacted to advise of the upcoming nominations.
  • Responsible for chairing of the AIM Annual General Meeting. This includes meeting with the executive group, resolving any issues that may arise, ensuring all reporting is complete and that the necessary reports will be made and distributed at the AGM.
  • Responsible for actively looking for ways to improve the AIM club as a whole and may include setting direction, investigating and implementing opportunities for growth and improvement, investigating and resolving complaints and communication to all members.

    Is an elected executive position and is voted in at the Annual AGM every second year (alternate year from President).

    • Assists the President in any capacity. During the absence or temporary incapacity of the President, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President and have the power of the President.
    • Attends and actively contributes to the executive meetings.
    • Responsible for the investigation and resolution of any assigned tasks that may arise and will report to President on the status of such tasks.
    • Responsible for organizing the Annual General Meeting. This task includes booking a venue, picking dinner options that are within budget and informing members of the meeting.


    Is an elected executive position and is voted in at the Annual AGM every second year.

    • Attends and actively contributes to the executive meetings.
    • Creates meeting minutes of all executive meetings and posts them to the AIM Executive Yahoo group in the files section.
    • Reads previous year’s AGM meeting minutes at the AGM or makes a motion to waive the reading of said minutes.
    • Creates meeting minutes of the AIM Annual General Meeting and posts to the AIM Executive Yahoo group in the files section and sends the minutes to the Newsletter person to include in the newsletter.
    • Retains all voting ballots for a period of 1 year from the AGM.


    Is an elected executive position and is voted in at the Annual AGM every second year (alternate year from President).

    • Responsible for reporting to the Executive on the status of the club’s financial Responsible for preparing and presenting a treasurer’s report and budget at the AGM.
    • Oversees the approved budget and make sure that any committees stay within their approved budget.
    • Makes sure all yearly committee statements of Income and Expenses are balanced with the income and expenses recorded in the Treasurer’s book.
    • Makes sure any donations approved at the AGM are forwarded to the appropriate sources.
    • Responsible for depositing all income from annual and new membership applications.
    • Works with the individual trial chairs’ and make sure that all necessary financial matters pertaining to the trials are looked after:
      1. Deposit of Trial Income
      2. Issue of Reimbursement Cheques to Competitors who had to withdraw
      3. Payment for Site: Rent, Portal Potties and Supplies
      4. Payment for AAC, NADAC or USDAA Fees
      5. Payment to the Person that moves the Equipment Trailer to the trial site
      6. Judges Payment: Flight, Fees and/or any other Expenses they may have incurred
      7. Reimbursements of any expenses that the Judges Liaison, Judges Attaché, Volunteer Coordinator, Trial Secretary and Show Chair may have incurred
      8. Go through the Trial Income and Expense Report from each trial and make sure it balances with the income and expenses recorded in the treasurer’s book
    • Works with the Person responsible for Ribbons and Awards and look after payment and/or invoices for ribbons, treats etc.
    • Works with the Equipment Manager and: Look after payment and/or invoices for equipment.
    • Look after payment and/or invoices to upgrade or purchase batteries for the E timers.
    • Deposit any income from the rental of the E-timer and inform the Equipment Manager of those transactions.
    • Make sure that the Person storing the AIM trailer is paid on an annual basis (Usually at the AGM for the preceding year).
    • Responsible for making sure the AIM Trailer and its contents are insured and makes the necessary payments to MPI and Hilton Insurance Services


    Is responsible for the overall coordination and organization of the trial committee and the competitive activities of Agility in Manitoba (AIM).
    Is an elected executive position and is voted in at the Annual AGM every second year.
    Must be knowledgeable of classes offered, competitors’ eligibility and rules of the agility organizations.

    • Appoints the following positions for the trial committee(s):
      • Trial Chair
      • Trial Secretary
      • Volunteer Coordinator
      • Equipment Manager
      • Equipment Persons
      • Ribbons & Awards
      • Site Coordinator
      • Judges’ Liaison
      • Judges’ Attaché
    • Organizes and chairs Trial Committee meetings.
    • Attends Executive meetings.
    • Prepares a Trial Coordinator report for the AGM.
    • Verifies that site maps and equipment lists are updated annually.
    • Ensures AIM Club memberships with the Agility organizations are current.
    • Subscribes to and participates in NADAC Yahoo Group.
    • Obtains Executive approval of trials and the dates trials are to be offered.
    • Submits or verifies that trial applications, with applicable fees, have been submitted and confirmation has been received.
    • In conjunction with the trial committee, determines classes to be offered, running order and entry fees.
    • Proof reads the preliminary Premium List from the Trial Secretaries as applicable.
    • Reserves Judges and confirms any additional expenses, i.e: kenneling or parking fees.
    • Provides Judges with the name and email of the Judges’ Liaison.
    • Provides Judges’ Liaison with the name and email address of the Judges.


    Is an elected executive position and is voted in at the Annual AGM every second year (alternate year from President).

    • Responsible for creating fundraising ideas or may solicit fundraising ideas from the membership. Then putting the fundraiser into motion which includes or may include:
      1. making arrangements with vendor
      2. creating order forms
      3. notifying membership and sending out order forms
      4. collecting order forms and monies
      5. making the order
      6. collecting the order and distributing the individual orders to membership
    • Responsible for the promotion of agility and AIM to the general public by seeking out promotional opportunities or responding to requests for promotion of agility. This includes:
      1. contacting various groups interested in a demonstration
      2. organizing dates, times and location
      3. contacting membership for interest and ensuring enough participants to proceed
      4. arranging for equipment to be available
      5. arranging for people to set up equipment
      6. organizing or selecting another individual to organize the demo
    • Prepares income and expense reports and provides information to treasurer.
    • Delivers report at Annual AGM.
    • Participates in executive meetings.


    • Must be a member of the Executive and is responsible for reporting to the Executive on the status of the club’s equipment.
    • Must be a member of the trial committee.
    • Prepares and presents the equipment budget at the AGM and works within the budget.
    • Coordinates necessary equipment and supply purchases.
    • Arranges for any equipment or supplies that need to be borrowed or rented for an event.
    • Makes sure the trailer is insured (confirms with the Treasurer).
    • Maintains the trailer as needed.
    • Arranges for transportation of the equipment to and from events.
    • Ensures that the club’s equipment meets the current specifications as outlined in each organization’s rule book, and keeps up-to-date on changing equipment specifications.
    • Maintains an inventory of the club’s equipment and supplies.
    • Updates the main equipment list as well as each individual organization’s equipment list in January of every year, and posts it to the Yahoo trial committee group files to be available to the:
      • Treasurer for insurance purposes
      • Trial Coordinator for trial applications
      • Judges’ Liaison for judges’ information
      • P.R. Coordinator for the purpose of demonstrations
    • Trains and oversees the Equipment Persons or otherwise needed volunteers related to equipment.
    • Arranges for storage of the trailer, equipment and supplies.
    • Maintains a list of repair and upkeep supplies, i.e. paint, tools, jump cups, etc.
    • Ensures the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment and supplies.
    • Is responsible for the electronic timing equipment and laptop computer.


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    This position has a two year term on the AIM Executive.

    • Collect membership applications from prospective members and from existing members and issues receipts.
    • Track paid members, via receipts and create a full membership list.
    • Forward all membership fees to Treasurer.
    • Maintain email contact list of full membership so it is available to the executive to send out emails when group mailings are required.
    • When an application for new membership is received, notify executive that approval is requested for new member and notify executive at same time of all the personal applicable information from the application form.
    • When new member approval is granted, send welcome letter to new member, along with a receipt. Letter gives info as to current newsletter available etc. Update membership list and the contact group.
    • Update membership list and contact group list when new e-mail addresses or any other personal information is forwarded for an existing member.
    • Send reminder along with membership application out to all members prior to the end of the year that fees are due at the end of the year.
    • Prepare report for AGM, making sure that your membership income balances with the income in the treasurers books.
    • Attends and participates in executive meetings.


    This position has a two year term on the AIM Executive.

    • Responsible for producing three newsletter issues per year which are normally done in January/February, April/May and October/November.
    • Contacting the membership to request submissions for each issue.
    • Issue all reports from the AGM in one edition of the newsletter.
    • Provides the completed newsletters to the webmaster for uploading to the AIM website where all members can view it.
    • Ensures advertising fees are paid to the Treasurer.
    • Reports the Income and Expense statement and any other interesting facts to the attendees of the AGM.
    • Attends and participates in executive meetings.


    This position has a two year term on the AIM Executive.

    • Incorporates membership input and suggestions, determine what materials (books and DVDs) the membership would most benefit from; this may included developing themes for the year.
    • Order and receive new materials; label with appropriate identification
    • Create and apply “Due Date” envelopes to items, keeping the due date current for each borrower as items go out.
    • Administer loans of Library items; maintain an accurate record of which items are out to whom, and which date they are due back.
    • Encourage membership usage, and solicit ideas on new items to add.
    • Encourage user feedback on items so this information may be passed along to prospective users.
    • Upon request, and when possible, provide guidance to members asking for materials with specific information, or who are searching for a specific topic.
    • Inform the membership of new items in the library (it is important to inform the entire membership simultaneously to ensure fair access to new items).
    • Inform the webmaster of new items to be added to the website.
    • Maintain waiting lists for items with multiple requests, ensure that the book or DVD is either returned to the library, or passed along to the next borrower if a direct pass-off is more geographically logical. The librarian coordinates the initial communication of a ‘pass-off’, ENSURING that there is agreement, and explicit permission of both the current borrower and subsequent borrower to share contact information. (Contact information is not to be shared without this permission.) The Librarian monitors the pass-off date, and steps in should any problems arise.
    • Maintain accurate expense records, submit receipts to the Education Committee at the end of September (year end is October 31)
    • Manage within the set budget for the year.
    • Maintain and repair as best as possible all Library items. (repairing covers, replacing cases, etc)
    • Should a borrower lose or irreparably damage an item, coordinate replacement or member payment for the item in coordination with the Treasurer and Membership chairperson.
    • Store Library items in a safe location protected from the elements.
    • Contribute to Executive discussions and business.
    • Provide and present a report for the AGM on library usage for the year (total loans, number of users, number of items loaned out).