Canine First Aid Kit



Everyone should have their own canine first aid kit. Here is some helpful information on putting one together. This list is by no means complete or absolute. If you feel that we should add to this list, please contact the webmaster with your suggestions.

Remember, too, that new products are constantly available, so keep your eyes open and let us know when cool stuff hits the dog market. Check your kit regularly and replace/refresh supplies as needed.


  • Tool Box to hold all the items listed
  • First Aid book – people/animals
  • Tweezers
  • 60% or 70% alcohol – either in a small dropper bottle or wipes
  • Antihistamine tablets (check with your vet for dosages and write them down!)
  • Rectal thermometer
  • Kaopectate liquid or tablets (Kaobiotic or Neosulfate)
  • Pepto-Bismol – liquid or tablets
  • Scissors (round tipped)
  • Swiss-Army style knife
  • Pliers and/or Wire-cutters (yes, wire-cutters – in case your dog tangles with a snare on a trail.)
  • Nail Trimmers (when nails tear or just need trimming!)
  • Quik-Stop or HemoStop (stops bleeding nails)
  • Liquid Skin (New Skin) – great for burnt pads
  • Krazy Glue – fixing torn skin and sealing small cuts
  • Cotton balls, Q-Tips
  • Gauze squares (3”x3” square is a handy size) (have LOTS on hand)
  • Stretchy gauze bandage (Kling, Conform, etc.)
  • Elastic tape bandage
  • Vetwrap – 2” and 4”  (color doesn’t matter but fluorescent pink is cool!)
  • White adhesive tape (1”)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Hibitane cream
  • Hibitane soap or betadine soap
  • Hibitane disinfectant or betadine disinfectant (Hibitane disinfectant has an advantage over Betadine disinfectant to rinse wounds with because Hibitane disinfectant doesn’t have to be rinsed from the wound)
  • Eye ointment such as Polysporin or Neosporin (the veterinary preparation is called by several names — BNP, Vetropolycin, etc. – is the same as Neosporin)
  • People bandages – ‘cos we play with dogs, you know!
  • 35 cc Catheter tip syringe
  • Nutrical Paste (or similar) – provides quick energy for your pooped pooch
  • Safety pins, pens, small pad of paper to keep notes on
  • Saline eye rinse – in a squeeze/squirt bottle to irrigate eyes
  • INSTANT ICE (or similar product) for acute inflammation injuries or to help

Whatever other bits and pieces you can fit into your toolkit. Don’t be afraid to be creative and share your findings.