This is one of the many benefits of being a member of AIM. The Books and DVDs are available to all AIM members who are in good standing. So don’t be shy: checkout a Book or DVD today! What better time than now to curl up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and an agility book or DVD and your fur kids at your feet?

Available Books

    • (The) Focused Puppy – A Training System for Raising a Great Companion & Performance Dog – book by Deborah Jones and Judy Keller
    • Agility is Fun, Vol. II: Steps for Obstacle Training – by Ruth Hobday
    • Agility is Fun, Vol. III: Further Lessons for Beginners – by Ruth Hobday
    • Alphabet Drills Book (with CD) – by Nancy Gyes
    • Building Blocks for Performance, Give Your Puppy a Head Start for Competition – by Bobbie Anderson with Tracy Libby
    • Canine Body Language, A Photographic Guide – by Brenda Aloff
    • Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation by M. Christine Zink and Janet B. Van Dyke
    • Clean Run – Special Focus Issue Contacts
    • Competing in Agility, Entering Trials and What To Do When You Get There – by Cindy Buckholt
    • Control Unleashed – Creating a Focused and Confident Dog – by Leslie McDevitt
    • Do-it-Yourself Agility Equipment – Constructing Agility Equipment for Training or Competition – Jim Hutchins
    • Flatwork Foundation for Agility – Barb Levenson
    • In Focus: Developing a Working Relationship with Your Performance Dog – by Deborah Jones + Judy Keller
    • Jumping Grid Workbook – Susan Salo
    • Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats – The Ultimate Diet by Kymythy R. Schultz’s, C.C.N., A.H.I.
    • On Talking Terms with Dogs – Calming Signals – by Turid Rugaas
    • Puppy Socialization – An Insiders guide to Dog Behavioural Fitness by Caryl Wolff
    • Shaping Success – by Susan Garrett
    • Success From the Inside – The Path to Winning Performance – by Kathy Keats
    • Switching to Raw – A Fresh Food Diet for Dogs That Makes Sense by Susan K. Johnson
    • The Agility Advantage – Health and Fitness for the Canine Athlete by M. Christine Zink DVM, PhD
    • The Top Dog Advantage – Diane Goodspeed
    • When Pigs Fly – Training Success with Impossible Dogs- Jane Killion

Available CD/DVDs

  • (The) Winning Combination – Greg Derrett
  • 2012 MB SK Regionals Slide Show
  • 2013 MB SK Regionals Slide Show
  • 2-on/2-off Contacts Made Easy by Rachel Sanders
  • 2X2 Weaves – Susan Garrett
  • Advanced Jumping – Susan Salo
  • Agility Foundation Training – Greg Derrett
  • Best of 2005 FCI Agility World Championships in Valladolid, Spain
  • Best of 2006 FCI Agility World Championships in Bazel Switzerland
  • Building the Canine Athlete: Strength, Stretch, Endurance and Body Awareness Exercises by M. Christine Zink, DVM PhD and Laurie McCauley DVM
  • Cik & Cap: Easiest Way to Perfect Turns – by Silvia Trkman
  • Clix – Noises and Sounds CD Tool to help desensitize dogs to various noises – 30 tracks.
  • Consistent Contacts – by Amanda Nelson
  • Control At A Distance – by Amanda Nelson
  • Crate Games – by Susan Garrett
  • Dream Weaves – by Ann Croft
  • Foundation Fundamentals – 6 DVD Set – Important Skills to train before introducing agility equipment. – by Mary Ellen Barry
  • Foundation Jumping – by Susan Salo
  • Foundation Training for Agility – Moe Strenfel
  • Foundations Fun! – by Silvia Trkman
  • Fundamentals of Animal Training – by Bob Bailey
  • Get on the Ball – Debbie Gross-Saunders
  • Great Dog, Great Handler – The Winning Combination
  • Hands On Canine Therapeutic Massage – Dr Cindy DiFranco DVM
  • How to Win at Gamblers and Snooker – by Terry Smorch
  • Human Agility Training – by Lori Hansen
  • In Focus – Crying for Control – by Deborah Jones & Judy Keller
  • In Focus – Foundation Work – by Deborah Jones & Judy Keller
  • In Focus – Need for Speed – by Deborah Jones & Judy Keller
  • On Course to Excel – by Greg Derrett
  • One Jump Two Jump by Sandy Rogers (4 DVD set) includes Training Notes booklet
  • Proofing Jump Work With Motion – by Susan Salo (3 DVD Set)
  • Puppy Jumping – by Susan Salo – A wonderful foundation DVD
  • Puppy Puzzle – by Pat Hastings
  • Serpentines, Threadles & 270s On Course to Excel – Greg Derrett
  • Sizzling Seesaws – (3 CD Set) by Jen Pinder
  • Strengthening the Performance Dog DVD – by Dr. Debbie Gross Saunders
  • Stretching the Performance Dog – by Debbie Gross Saunders
  • Success with One Jump – Susan Garrett
  • Teaching Directionals: Left, Right and Turn by Rachel Sanders
  • Training Running contacts with Stride Regulators – Barb Davis
  • Training Solutions for Weave Pole Problems & Proofing Exercises by Rachel Sanders
  • Tricks for Balance, Strength, and Coordination – Silvia Trkman
  • Tuning up for competition – Susan Salo
  • Walking the Course – by Kathy Keats
  • World Class Weaves! – by Joe Canova
  • World Class Weaves! by Joe Canova

YouTube Videos

Zoe 2013 AAC Nationals by Brigitte Hunter

Library Policy

  • Books: Check-out period – 3 weeks
  •  DVDs: Check-out period – 2 weeks
  •  Members can check-out one item at a time.
  •  Materials may be renewed only once unless the item is on the reserve list.
  •  Members are responsible for the pickup and return to the item to the librarian.
  •  Members with overdue items will be charged $5.00 per week.
  •  If an item is lost or damaged, it must be replaced or the borrower must pay for its replacement value.
  •  Members agree not copy the material or in anyway violate the copyright agreement of the publication.
  • Any member with outstanding library fines will be required to submit payment prior to renewing their AIM membership for the upcoming year.

Are you willing to share your opinions on a Book or DVD, consider writing a review?

If you have borrowed one of the AIM lending library items or have read a good agility book, or seen a good video, please consider writing a review to share your thoughts on it. You can submit your review to our newsletter editor for inclusion in the next newsletter. Newsletters are published three times a year.

How do I borrow books or DVDs from the AIM Library?

  • Books and DVDs may be checked out through Dianne Beswitherick over the phone or by email.
  • Please email Dianne Beswitherick (subject: AIM Library)
  • You are responsible to pick up and return the items to Dianne, who is located in Winnipeg.


Do you have ideas or donations for the AIM Library?

If you have ideas for books or DVDs that you would like to see in the library, please drop Dianne a line with your suggestion. Do you have any Agility or Dog training books that you do not use anymore? Consider donating them to the AIM Lending Library. Your donation will be gladly accepted of agility/dog training books, magazines, videos or DVDs.