NATCH. CH. Klondike’s Kalinka “ Inky”CDX. WPD. AGX. SGDC. SSA. AGD. ADC. OA. NJ. TT. PTD.

1999-2000 and 2000-2001 Ward Young Memorial Award Winner

# 1 Siberian Husky in Obedience 2002

D.O.B.  11, November 1996 – June 2, 2007


As many of you know Inky was an incredible dog. Everything she did she did whole-heartedly and with lots of enthusiasm.  She made friends with anyone who crossed her path and enjoyed everyone and everything.

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to live and play with her for the past 10½ years.

I am thankful for all the joy we experienced while training for and/or competing in the many different activities we both enjoyed.

I am thankful for the passion in Agility that she created in me.

I am also thankful for all the trainers that helped us along the way to become the team that we were. (Margaret, Sharon and Jo Anne)

I am thankful for our training partners who always cheered us on and supported us along the way. (Nikki, Kim and Marlene)

I am so thankful for all the friendships we developed here at home and across the border.

Mostly I am so very thankful that I had a whole year to prepare for this day and make it the best year ever for Inky.

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And it’s the saddest thing
under the sun above
to say goodbye
to the ones we love.
But We will not weep
nor make a scene
but say:
Thank you Life
for having been.


     Rest in peace my little “Stinka Inka” until we meet again.

Brian and Brigitte Hunter

Klondike Siberians


ATCH CH Klondike’s Teemu AD, AG.N, AGNJ., RN, PTD.
D.O.B. May 14.2006 – February 24.2014


_MG_3218It was with a heavy heart and tears in our eyes that we had to say “Good Bye” to Teemu during an exploratory surgery and the discovery of Lymphoma in his intestinal tract in late February of 2014.

We could only take comfort in the fact that right to the end Teemu got to do what he liked best, sledding with Brian and the rest of the team. During his life time Teemu ran over 4000 miles on the sled, cart or ATV and we know he enjoyed every minute of it by his enthusiasm when he was harnessed and the contentment when the adventure was completed.

Another activity Teemu enjoyed very much was playing agility with me. I have so many great memories of our 7 ½ years of training and trialing together and will cherish those for a lifetime.

We know you are not supposed to have favors when you have multiple dogs, but Teemu always stood out due to his awesome personality. Right from the beginning he was such an even-tempered, loveable Siberian Husky who would do anything to please. No wonder Brian and I choose him as our pick of the litter. He has never disappointed us and we can only take solace in the fact that his seven short years were spend doing the things he loved to do best and that he knew how much he was respected and loved.


And it’s the saddest thing
under the sun above
to say goodbye
to the ones we love.
But We will not weep
nor make a scene
but say:
Thank you Life
for having been.


We will miss you Teemu and will think of you for many days to come. RIP big Boy.

Brian and Brigitte Hunter

Klondike Northern Agility

ATChC  Dyna Might    Oct. 10/06 ~ Sept. 14/16

fondly nicknamed “Dyna Belle” – now residing on Rainbow Bridge


    Life with Dyna was memorable in so many ways, she came to me as a Rescue foster dog.   She was a lot of dog, pulling always was her forte and there was a time I asked Brian Hunter to try her at sledding. When I realized that a year had gone by with no new owner in sight, I felt it was time to seriously consider keeping her as she fit in beautifully with our family and she obviously felt this was “home”.   It was a hard decision to make because it would end my involvement with Border Collie Rescue. Due to the number of dogs we already had .. the time needed to work with rescues as well as train my own – it was not possible to do it all and do it well. So, Dyna became Dyna Might (just be an agility dog!) and I began a new journey with her registering and training her in AAC, USDAA and NADAC.

    Dyna was always kind and friendly with everyone she met, I never worried about her causing trouble as she would always avoid pushing the limits with dogs who were not comfortable with her. When we finally began agility training she blossomed in so many ways, though a little hard on my hands at times she was always ready to play and had such an effortless, very natural style of jumping. Dyna loved to TUG even joining in tugging games with the other dogs. I miss that tug, now it’s only at my heart.

    Dyna had a habit of sliding her head under your hand for a pat, I miss that constant nudge .. as annoying as it seemed at times causing spilled coffee and drinks. She also had a habit of woofing to make me open the door, just a woof , … silence and just as I’d touch the handle … another woof 🙂  I miss that woof and still expect it when I go to let the dogs out every morning.

    Dyna went on to do so many wonderful things, though she achieved her ATChC just a month before falling ill, but it was mostly the things that didn’t involve titles or ribbons .. that made her a special dog to me and our family. It was the little things that I enjoyed the most, like the way she lay at Dave’s feet while he played his guitar every morning, the way she let Rocky (cat) lick at her raw bones, the way she lovingly looked after her family. Loving her was easy, it just wasn’t long enough. She was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and passed away only weeks after that diagnosis.

    It’s been months now and the pain is still raw, but .. my heart knows she is enjoying that special one on one time up there. Thanks to everyone who made her feel loved and special and to all her big and little friends who greeted her with wagging tails – she enjoyed that so much.


We Love you to the Moon and back Dyna Belle, till we meet again …


JoAnne and Dave Nelson, Sierra, Gidget, Token and Rocky Cat





TRIBUTE TO K.D.              

D.O.B. Dec. 03.1999 – Feb.22.2016

 CH, ATChC Klondike’s Longjohn’s Ingenue “k.d.”




k.d.k.d. was our perpetual puppy, both physically and emotionally. During her 16 + years she pretty much did what she wanted and she did it with a lot of zest and spunk.

 k.d enjoyed many activities with us. From Confirmation to Obedience, Sledding, Agility, Rally O and Pet Therapy we covered many miles together while traveling to different Provinces and States to compete and to have Fun.

Our most challenging activity together was Agility, k.d. did not always agree with my methods of training and often found new ways of showing me how it should be done. If I disagreed and tried to pursue her to try it my way, she looked at me and as if to say “We will do it my way or the Highway” and off she went. I believe k.d. contributed the fact that both JoAnne Nelson’s and our Agility field was fenced in that summer. k.d. was only 7 or 8 months old when we were fortunate enough to find a trainer like JoAnne who was always very fond of k.d. Bear as she affectionate called her. Jo certainly contributed a great deal to the fact that both k.d. and I got to like the sport as much as we did.

k.d. was a very vocal dog and often got all the dogs “singing” whenever she felt like it, day or night. I remember many trials when k.d. threw her head back in her ex-pen or crate and just howled until she was rescued. When it first happened people always thought she was hurt, but soon learned that it really only was k.d.’s ways of saying: “Hello, I am still here, someone come and see me”.

 k.d. taught me many things: how to be more patient, how to persevere, how to improve my sense of humor and most of all she showed me how to have fun.

Thank you k.d. for making retirement from work in 2010 so much more exiting and for continuing to have fun with me for so many years. I loved our daily hikes at the Park and we both enjoyed our time with you just hanging out around the house.

Thank you k.d. for indicating so clearly to us when it was time to take our last trip together.

We will forever miss the pitter patter of your little feet, the penetrating look of your blue eyes and the intense howl with which you often greeted the day.


“Raise Hell” up there little k.d. Bear!


Brigitte and Brian